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          B.P. Hasdeu, Inedited Correspondence - Vestala Publishing House

          When the harp of the new poet began to echo, it was for the rest of us a new, un-reached, unspoken, un-resembling enchantment; it was a delight that our hearts haven’t yet predicted; it was a dive, a sinking into an incomparable pleasure, a voluptuousness from another world.

          He who is writing these lines can, at least, confess that only Eminescu and only through Eminescu had he really learned, felt and tasted what poetry was. Almost everything that has been rhymed before, or at the same time with him, was pale, barren, cold and tedious.

          Only his verses, warm and charming in both form and feeling, went straight to the soul, conquered it and carried it away…

          Holy voluptuousness, holy transcending of the times when we cannot satiate of the divine harmony of the beauties that no man had known before how to embody in such an enchanted robe! Nevertheless, he often seemed so simple, so unpolished …

          Iulia Hasdeu – Poetic Work - SAECULUM I.O. Publishing House

          The present volume collected the whole poetic work of Iulia Hasdeu from the two volumes of the series Oeuvres posthumes (1889-1890), in bilingual version French/Romanian.

          The lyrical texts published by B.P.Hasdeu are accompanied by all the critical notes of the princeps edition, presented in Romanian for the first time, in order to be accessible to everyone.

          Furthermore, the value and the contemporaneousness of the poetess’ French pomes are highlighted through two comprehensive studies, especially elaborated for the present edition.

          B.P. Hasdeu –Studies and Articles on Political Economy - SAECULUM I.O. Publishing House

          Collected integrally for the first time, in a critical edition, B.P. Hasdeu’s studies and articles on political economy reveal not only the comprehensive specialty background, the originality, coherence and boldness of the ideas, but especially their contemporaneousness.

          The volume is completed with the Addenda for the Political Articles, tomes 1-2, 1869-1902 (SAECULUM I.O. Publishing House, Bucharest, 2001) – which included inedited hardly accessible texts – and with the Names Index for all the three volumes.

          B.P. Hasdeu – Political Articles vol.1 - SAECULUM I.O. Publishing House

          Due to some ideological pseudo-problems, which could be explained through historical arguments, Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu’s political articles could not be published until today.

          We are editing them integrally, in a critical edition, with all necessary annotations, thus accomplishing a dream of several generations.

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