- Julia Hasdeu's sepulcher I
- Julia Hasdeu's sepulcher II
- The mausoleum of Hasdeu family, from Serban-Voda Cemetery (nowadays Belu)


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          The constructive symbolism is another field in which B.P. Hasdeu activated after Julia’s death. The scholar built two tiples: the family’s sepulcher from Serban-voda cietery (Bucharest) and the Castle Iulia Hasdeu (Câmpina).

          The history of the building and the signification of the first tiple are described in the scholar’s book, « Sic cogito », in the article signed by Ionnescu-Gion, "A poi-tomb" and the fragment from the letter sent to Hasdeu by the architect I. Socolescu, the manager of the revue The Annals of Architecture. The descriptions of the sepulcher, made by Gion and Socolescu, were certainly appreciated by B.P. Hasdeu; therefore, he inserted several fragments in the chapter "Excelsior" from « Sic cogito ». What is riarkable for both descriptions is the attipt to underline the constructive symbolism in the architecture and in the decorations of the funerary edifice.

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