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  The Correspondence between B.P.Hasdeu and Julia Hasdeu

          Between 1881 and 1888, a prolific letter exchange connected the father, who was in Bucharest, to his daughter, a pupil, and then a student in Paris. The few hundred letters were published in 1976 by Paul Cornea, in «Literary Documents and Manuscripts», volume 3. B.P.Hasdeu’s letters were signed «your loving Bogdan» or «your loving husband and father». They were addressed to his wife and daughter. Iulia, the wife, wrote to him very rarely, still affected by an anonymous letter that she had received, informing her about her husband’s infidelity. The letter determined Mrs. Hasdeu to choose the tiporary separation from her husband, going to Brasov, then to Paris, together with Lilicuta (Julia’s nickname). This was the first letter addressed by B.P.Hasdeu to his wife:

          «The way you left from home, without even letting me kiss your hand, deeply aggrieved me, much more because Barbu, when coming back from Brasov, told me that you keep complaining of me and you still consider me guilty. Tell me, my beloved, why didn’t you see me as a drunkard when everyone thought so? Why didn’t you consider me guilty when Nichipercea depicted me with a bag from Iepureanu? But now an unknown bastard, who keeps hunting me for a year, was able to make you believe the dirtiest absurdities about me. It’s sad, very sad! I swear on God that my only wish was and still is the peace and harmony of our home, the honor and the future of our child. Please make a count of my money, but please make it objectively, and you’ll see if I have any money left for bagatelles {…} During our 18 years of marriage, please tell me if I wasn’t the one who had always cast away any idea of separation or divorce? Is that the attitude of a man who loves other women? »

          Bucharest, September 11, 1881 “I wouldn’t wish the people in Bucharest to gossip that you ran from difficult studies to easier. This is the only method to fully dionstrate that your success in Bucharest hadn’t been influenced by my protection. » (B.P.H)

          Bucharest, October 4, 1881 «In Paris you’d have already heard the old saying: noblesse oblige. I’m not talking about the nobility of blood, which is a very unimportant matter, but nature endowed you with the superior nobility of intelligence, nobility that obliges you to increase, every day, the reputation you had so rapidly made since you were in the cradle». (B.P.H.)

          Bucharest, March 3, 1882 «You must study well, behave well, never forget that your name is Hasdeu, and the slogan of our family is: country, honor and science». (B.P.H.)

          Bucharest, June 4, 1885 «Still, I don’t wish that Lilicuta wakes up at 3 in the morning, to damage her eyes and health, which will be so useful to her in the future. The study abuse is as dangerous, even more dangerous, than any other abuse». (B.P.H.)

          Bucharest, December 31, 1887 «If Lilicuta loves me at least a bit, if she cares about my peace, if – finally – she doesn’t want to bring you both back to Bucharest immediately, she must wear her sweater and she mustn’t exaggerate with her work and wake too early in the morning. The age of 18 and Paris are the most dangerous things when someone doesn’t beware. Sweater and warm shoes is what I ask the most. And then, why don’t you ask about the doctor? I’m so worried, so torn, than I only with those words above, bitter and blunt words could I begin my answer to a long, delicate, full of happenings, and spiritual letter, which I had received after such a long wait. My hand is tribling as I write, as a drunkard’s, and I must rest for a bit”. (B.P.H.)

          Bucharest, [1888] “Lilicuta is erudite enough, even too much. The best thing would be for you to come back to Romania, where the country air somewhere in the country, with no work or worries, would help her. One diploma more or less doesn’t mean anything. I have no diploma.» (B.P.H.)

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