- A published conference: "Papa de la Neva", held in 1903 on the invitation from the Society "Romanian Youth"
- Satyrul
- Din Moldova
- B.P.Hasdeu at his desk
- Fragment of B.P.Hasdeu's work (studies on industry)
- SIC COGITO. First edition. Bucharest, "New Revue" Administration, 1890
- Istoria critica a romaniloru
- Etymologicum Magnum Romaniae
- Revista Noua
- Razvan si Vidra


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  Bucharest Periodicals

          « Aghiuta » - a humoristic, satirical and critical paper, which appeared in Bucharest, during November 1863 - May 1864.

           “The Satyr” – a humoristic publication that appeared in Bucharest (a weekly newspaper, between February 6 – June 5, 1866), under B.P.Hasdeu’s coordination. The editors of the “Satyr”were hidden under pseudonyms chosen from among Chinese names. The three collaborators of B.P.Hasdeu at the “Satyr” – N.Nicoleanu, I.C. Fundescu and St. Vellescu – used the weapons of the satire in order to condemn political and social mores of the time. 16 issues were published. The archive of the « B.P.Hasdeu » Memorial Museum owns eight issues.

          «Romania’s Historical Archive» - a periodic publication that appeared in Bucharest in fascicules, between August 8, 1864 and August 26, 1865 and in 1867. Editor of the documents: Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu. The publication included important information and documents about the history of the Romanians. The documents are classified by B.P.Hasdeu as follows: I. inedited non-Romanian documents; II. inedited Romanian documents; III. documents published by non-Romanians; IV. documents published by Romanians.

          «Traian’s Column» - was published shortly after the suppressing of the newspaper « Traian » (« for its too independent attitude and for the attacks against monarchy»); B.P. Hasdeu declared right in the program-article that he would continue the political line of the old revue. The first issue of the periodical « Traian », «political, literary, scientific and industrial newspaper» appeared in April 1869. «Traian’s Column» appeared in Bucharest, between 1870 and 1877, with some interruptions, and between 1882 and 1883. The newspaper was initially biweekly, then weekly and in the last years it was a bimonthly and monthly publication. «Traian’s Column» was a scientific revue that benefited from the collaboration of important writers of the time: G. Dem Theodorescu, A.D.Xenopol, A. Papadopol – Calimah and A. Odobescu. In the first year of publishing, the revue was focused on articles with political character. Starting with 1872, the political editorials were replaced with scientific studies, poems and prose. Within the revue’s pages, it was reflected B.P.Hasdeu’s activity as a philologist, historian and folklorist, signing several comprehensive researches dedicated to the permanence of the autochthonous element in the Romanian language and culture. The revue gradually specialized in «Romanian people’s history, linguistics and psychology». It was the most durable of B.P.Hasdeu’s publications, appearing until 1883. An important part of B.P.Hasdeu’s works was revealed in its pages.

           «The New Revue» - a periodical publication with encyclopedic character, which appeared in Bucharest, on a monthly basis, starting with December 15, 1887 until September 1895, with some interruptions. Manager: Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu. Editors: B. St. Delavrancea, Al. Vlahuta, D.D. Racovita, G. Ionnescu – Gion, I. Bianu, Th. D. Sperantia, I.Ghica, V. Cosmovici, D.A.Sturdza, V. Crasescu. The revue’s profile was very well highlighted by the areas approached: original literature, folklore, the history of Romanian literature, philology and linguistics, politics, national theatre. Both the manner in which the themes are developed, as well as the graphic design, exceptional for that time, made the revue a reference point in the Romanian literature.

          «The newspaper of the Society « Romanianism » » - monthly periodical publication that appeared in Bucharest in the period April 1870 – August 1871, under the coordination of a commission comprised of: B.P.Hasdeu, N.V. Scurtescu, T.P. Radulescu, G.Dem Theodorescu and Gr. Tocilescu. Founded in April 1869, in Bucharest, with the declared purpose to contribute to the progress of science, art and literature, the Society « Romanianism » had B.P.Hasdeu as president.

          «The National Defense». B.P.Hasdeu was the manager of that newspaper between January 2 and June 13, 1902.

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