- A published conference: "Papa de la Neva", held in 1903 on the invitation from the Society "Romanian Youth"
- Satyrul
- Din Moldova
- B.P.Hasdeu at his desk
- Fragment of B.P.Hasdeu's work (studies on industry)
- SIC COGITO. First edition. Bucharest, "New Revue" Administration, 1890
- Istoria critica a romaniloru
- Etymologicum Magnum Romaniae
- Revista Noua
- Razvan si Vidra


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  Periodicals from Iasi

          “Romania” appeared since November 18, 1858 until January 26, 1859 (eight issues, eight pages each).

          “The Paper of Romanian History” appeared in 1859 (four issues, with a total number of 64 pages).

          «Small paper of History and Literature» appeared in the period March – July 1860 (five issues). “From Moldavia” – a bimonthly periodical publication that appeared in Iasi between 1862 and 1863, coordinated by B.P.Hasdeu. It explained the past of our people. In the pages of the encyclopedic revue, B.P.Hasdeu used various historical investigation tools for researching the past of our people. Starting with the issue 10/1863, the name was changed into “The Light”. In tome III of the periodical (1863), B.P.Hasdeu published “The Portrait of Vlad Voda Dracu”, the first study of the attipt to sketch the philosophy of Tepes’s portrait. B.P.Hasdeu mentioned that the physical traits revealed his character. Thus, his large forehead showed the ruler’s intelligence, the nose showed «b will, the quickness of his mind, combined with self trust». The closed lips suggested cruelty and contipt. The Archive of “B.P.Hasdeu” Miorial Museum owns all the nineteen issues of the periodical «The Light», bound into two volumes, one for each year in which it appeared.

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